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What The Future Holds for SEO Trends in 2017

SEO trends 2016-2017

SEO Trends in 2017:-

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SEO Trends: What The Future Holds for SEO Trends in 2017

Undeniable truth, SEO is an ever-changing, shape-shifting beast of a practice.

Furthermore, SEO insiders and digital marketers alike are constantly playing catch-up with the latest search trends, ducking and weaving to maneuver through Google’s scare tactics.

And also, trying to understand just what prospects are looking for and how to provide the best content at the end of their search.

All in all, SEO can be a tiring uphill battle.

And, yet it can also be the most rewarding strategy for those who unlock its secrets.

So what does the future hold for SEO trends in 2017…and beyond?

Let’s gaze into our crystal balls to see what’s already brewing and what’s on the horizon.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile responsiveness – SEO friendly

On the other hand, you’ve probably gotten tired of being hit over the head with “The Future is Mobile” or any variations of that phrase.

‘I sure have.’ but the truth of the matter is that mobile will continue to rise in prominence as Google splits the index into two.

When will this happen?…

You ask? That mystery is only known to the high lords of Google dom, but expect it in 2017.

This means you should start prioritizing your mobile content. And also, site experience over desktop now.

At the minimum, have a mobile or responsive version of your site.

And not to forget by start looking into Accelerated Mobile Pages to increase your PageSpeed.

People don’t like content that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and neither does Google.

The proof of mobile’s importance

Is reflected in the numbers from a September 2016 Think with Google study.

More over, year-after-year mobile search growth is positive over 9 different categories.

And these data points will only continue to grow this year.

Folks, we’re now in an ‘always-on’ society, and your website and mobile optimization better be on point.

Google Goes Full-On Westworld (SEO Trends)

Machine learning is at the heart of artificial intelligence. It’s also at the heart of robots coming alive and massacring real humans dressed up in Wild West garb while on vacation. Or so the plotline of HBO’s show Westworld goes….

And just as droid Dolores may have unlocked the key to consciousness.

Google is getting smarter by the millisecond with RankBrain.

Please read more details article here: Learn More

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