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Marketing strategy | Marketing channels 

marketing strategy | marketing channels

Marketing strategy | Internet Marketing

Marketing channels

First of all, only to Allah the almighty and the most merciful we ask permission & guidance.

In this post, we will discuss about the crucial part of internet marketing strategies..

Marketing channels;-

People nowadays more likely to use the internet to search things and make purchase conveniently and hassle free with low price to compare. The age of iron jungle, high rise mall with expensive car parks and shop lots would come to end. Hope so…

So, lets dig in..

Marketing strategy | Marketing Channels > Market place > Android / iOS

About our selected market place apps to market our product.

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Santai Selected eShop

We chose carousell as one of our selected eShop

In my opinion, because its conveniently configured for buyer and seller to chat and bargain, especially for used item.

Thus, this will make good connection between the sell and buyer. Building company trust and long term relationship is important .

And also the user of this eShop most likely younger generations and modern exposed.

The best thing is, its FREE.

Above all, You decide what to sell, and they do the marketing storm for you.





Marketing strategy | Marketing Channels > Websites | Blog

There are several ways to monetize your blog or website. In fact, it can be done by anyone with zero IT background. In other words, its not a myth though, but not as easy as it sounds.

Santai Affiliate / Referral Marketing Program

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Santai Affiliate / Referrral Marketing Program

Since affiliate marketing had become more trending now days, hence the auto referral marketing Program introduced.

Its probably, the most reliable, user friendly and highly effective 3 clicks ‘CALL to actions’ web replica in *current market.

In other words, 90% from prospecting to closing, all auto, done by our committed members.

Promotional techniques that are auto assigned to promote your business.

Bisnes Simkad – Tone Excel Prepaid that pays

*Malaysian Market Only


Marketing strategy | Marketing Channels > Email marketing

First, it’s important to understand a fundamental principle when it comes to building a list of email subscribers.monetize blog - marketing listThis principle is lead generation versus lead capture.  Lead generation is all about where you find ideal clients, either online or offline and how you attract them to you in ways that will want them saying, “This I exactly what I’m looking for.” They happily opt in to your list.

Marketing strategy | Marketing Channels > Social media platforms 

Briefly about our preferred social media paltforms,

santai niaga - facebook logo


Business facebook

Fbads Utilization / Optimum Engagement



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