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Landing Page | What is A Landing Page?

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What is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that is designed to take web traffic and convert visitors in a particular way for a particular reason. In other words, landing pages are created to get people to do something with specific goals.

And there are a few primary actions any business might want people to complete on a given landing page.

  • Subscribe to an email list or newsletter.
  • Download a piece of content (like an eBook or free report).
  • Register for a live and/or digital events like webinars or conferences.
  • Purchase an actual product/service being offered.

The primary purpose of landing page is to lead generation, grow your email lists and your audiences. So that you can promote your future products and events to a warm audience, build a community, increase sales and grow your business.

Landing pages are an essential piece of the digital marketer’s toolbox. A successful landing page turns a potential customer into a paying customer, which is the goal of every marketing professional.


What are the Differences between Landing Page and Homepage?

A homepage and a landing page are two completely different web pages.

Landing PageHomepage
A standalone web page that is designed to receive traffic from one or several specific sources (such as an ads or email campaign).A webpage that gives a comprehensive overview of all of the products/services offered by company.
Prompts visitors to take one well-defined action.Occupies your root domain.
Stays focused on a single topic or offer throughout the page.Links to every other important permanent page of your website.
Omits or downplays navigation options.Tells visitors how to connect with you in other ways (such as getting in touch with you in person or following you on social media).
Have the following elements such as headline, contents, CTA button, lead capture form, graphics and trust indicators (logo, banner, testimonial etc)


Types of Landing Page

There are four types of Landing Pages:

  • Splash Page
    • Also called welcome gate and it is often used as an introductory page on a website. It is a single page visitors can see before enter to your website.
    • To provide valuable info or designed for common lead collection purposes such as emails/phone numbers for landing page.
  • Squeeze Page
    • Designed to squeeze information out of visitors specifically an email address and phone.
    • To lead generation and squeeze visitors into converting/making a purchase of products/services.
  • Capture Page
    • Type of landing page that helps you collect leads and capture data for your promotions.
  • Sales Page
    • To provide valuable info about products/services to visitors and secure sales.
    • Uses copy, testimonials, videos, or other elements to sell your products/services to first time visitors.


5 Elements of a Strong Landing Pages

  • A Good Call-to-Action (CTA) Button
    • Every perfect landing page needs is a call-to-action button that persuades your visitors to click on it.
    • Your customers click CTA button to join your email list, purchase your product/service, register for your webinar etc.
  • An Engaging Headlines
    • The most important element that need to be eye-grabbing, need to convince customers/visitors to consider buying your product/service.
    • Your headline tells your readers exactly where they are, why they’re here, and gives them a reason to keep reading and buying products/services.
  • Interesting Contents
    • Offer simple, clear and valuable contents for your web visitors to purchase your product/service, join your email list, or take some other desired action on your page.
  • A Vibrant Graphic Image
    • Design attractive icons, graphics, logos, bio photos, directional arrows, colour variety.
    • Give your visitors visual proof about your product/service, it invokes an emotional response in your readers and is also relevant to your campaign.
  • A Quick Lead Capture Form
    • Simple and quick contact form for visitors to put info such as name, phone and email.


The best practices of a successful landing page:

  • Are easy to follow.
  • Are mobile-friendly.
  • Use clear language.
  • Feature clean design.
  • Contain a valuable offer.


You can refer to What is A Landing Page for more understanding.

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